Franken Freddy Funko Pop! Vinyl available to pre-order now

Here at CultchaFreak we love Freddy Funko, the iconic mascot of the Funko brand. We're also massive fans of Universal Monsters. So anything that combines the two is sure to be a hit in our office!

The latest crossover between the two is Franken Freddy, a Funko Pop! Vinyl figure that sees Freddy Funko don the persona of Frankenstein for Halloween 2020 (or rather, Funkoween 2020).

We've managed to secure a handful of these Funko Shop Limited Edition exclusives, which are available to pre-order now. We'll have two waves, the first of which is due to arrive in October. The second will follow in November - so don't miss out!

Franken Freddy will arrive alongside a batch of additional pre-orders including Mothman, Donald Duck in Pajamas, Hollywood Freddy Funko, and Marilyn Monroe. Browse all pre-orders here.

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